Costa Rica Sabbatical

It’s my 5 year work anniversary! I’m lucky to work for a company that has pretty cool benefits, one of which is a month long sabbatical trip gifted every 5 years. Next spring, my family and I will be heading to beautiful Costa Rica! I took a lot of different factors into consideration when choosing a destination – the number one consideration was ease of traveling with a toddler. 

Traveling to Costa Rica considerations:

  1. Not too bad of travel time from Wisconsin to Costa Rica compared to other international destinations. Plus, a little more exotic then just heading to Mexico. 
  2. Same time zone = no jet leg to deal with. And no messing with Evelyn’s schedule – score! 
  3. Hot enough in April/May to swim in the ocean and feel rejuvenated after a long cold northern winter. 
  4. Tourism is developed enough so that it’s safe and easy to get around with a kiddo. 

We decided that we really just wanted to relax in a beautiful place and spend time together as a family. Get away from the daily work routine and wake up to sunrises, build sand castles, walk on the beach, eat local food and have fun together. I can’t wait to have a whole month away from everyday responsibilities with my husband and Evelyn. What a blessing! 

Now that I have the country picked out, it’s time to plan the specifics. Let me know if you have tips for traveling with a toddler or any advice about where to visit and things to do!

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