Playing with Pumpkins

It’s not too late to play with pumpkins this fall! Evelyn loved picking out pumpkins for the family at a local farm down the road from our home. It was one of those perfect fall days for being outside – colorful leaves, a cool breeze, but warm sun and that scent of autumn in the air. You know what I’m talking about. 

Sitting Evie in the red wagon the farm provided to us, we went on a pumpkin search. It was cute watching her inspect each of the pumpkins as we walked by. 

At home, we carved open the pumpkins and let Evie dig into the guts. What a great sensory activity for a toddler! She reached right in and let the slimy pumpkin guts squeeze through her fingers. She helped us pick out the seeds so that we could bake them for a treat later on. 

If you haven’t done this with your kids yet this fall, go to the store or local farm, buy a pumpkin and let your kids play with the pumpkin guts! If you’re really ambitious make a pumpkin pie or just bake the seeds and bring them to your Thanksgiving feast. (I’m more of a canned pumpkin kind of girl myself.)

By the way, check out the cutest penguin ever. I just love baby Halloween costumes! I’d love to hear what your kids dressed up as! 


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