Eat, Drink & Be Thankful for Today

In a world that moves so fast it’s easy to get caught up thinking about tomorrow and planning for the future, but today I’d like to slow down and be thankful for the memories I’ve built and the moments happening right now. We’re all guilty of constantly thinking ahead – the changes we can make, the personal goals we have, the next big milestone. Thanksgiving Day is a good reminder to stop and be thankful for what we have and to live in the moment without being worried about the next. 

I look at my husband and I’m thankful for his big heart, the way he looks at our daughter, the way he helps out as we prepare a Thanksgiving feast. He has a strong sense of responsibility and our relationship is a true partnership. He loves me in every sense of the word and for that alone I am grateful. 

I look at our daughter as she struts around on her wobbly legs, opening every drawer, climbing every piece of furniture, babbling on and on as she tries to form words. I’m thankful for getting to experience life through her eyes. I feel like a child myself with the excitement of the holidays… everything is more colorful, more magical, more memorable as I watch her experience her childhood.

I’m thankful for our parents and siblings and that most of us can be together on this day. I love having a big family. It’s loud and chaotic and I wouldn’t have it any other way, as it’s filled with so much laughter. I’m thankful that the siblings that can’t be here today are coming home for Christmas and we’ll see each other soon. 

I’m thankful for the wonderful memories with those who are no longer with us here on earth. The time we did have with them was blessed and we relive the best moments over and over again by telling stories of the past.

Eat, drink and be thankful for the blessings you already have. Live in the moment and celebrate those around you. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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