Christmas Madness & Magic

Christmas Madness & Magic

Christmas Eve ended up being pretty rough for Evelyn. We were traveling and hoped she’d fall asleep in the car, but of course that did not happen. By the time we got to the party, she was already a bit cranky and it didn’t help that she was fighting a cold and teething! She ended up getting so upset that she puked all over her adorable Christmas dress within 20 minutes of being there. Luckily, my mom washed it so that I could put it back on her for Christmas Mass the next day and get some more wear time out of it.

We almost packed up and left after that fiasco, but stayed to stick it out. She opened a few presents and ended up reacting the exact opposite of how you hope as the givers watched in anticipation eager to see your child fall in love with their gift. Showing indifference and even some anger towards the toys, she was done for the night. I woefully thanked each person for their gift hoping they knew that she would love it after a good nights rest. Evie ended up falling asleep in my arms and we were able to enjoy the family gift exchange. I thanked God for the sound of her soft snore and the warmth of her tired little body resting on my chest… a little peace on Christmas Eve amid the madness. 

Christmas day brought the magic back for our family. Evelyn woke up a new girl – happy, excited, snuggly. We wore our Christmas jammies – so fun – and headed downstairs to see what Santa left under the tree. We took our time opening gifts and played with each toy as it was unwrapped. We put the Christmas dress back on and enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Mass. Evie even behaved in church, waving at other people and sharing her toothy grin! My husband made homemade waffles and sausage and we opened the final gifts. With new toys, a fire in the hearth, food and cookies galore, and our little family all together we had a magical Christmas day. I will take the madness with the magic because it makes you appreciate the best moments even more. 

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season! 

Christmas Madness & Magic| Kitchen Set, KidKraft | Shopping Cart, Step2 |

Christmas Madness & Magic

Christmas Madness & Magic

Christmas Madness & Magic| Dish Set, Green Toys |

Christmas Madness & Magic

Christmas morning toys.| Play Food, Learning Resources |

Playing with shredded paper Christmas morning.

Christmas Madness & Magic

Family Christmas Jammies

Christmas Mass with Gigi

Christmas gift happiness.

Playing with her Christmas gifts.

Loving her new Christmas toys.

Back into Christmas jammies.| Nativity Set, Fisher-Price |

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