Favorite Toddler Apps

5 Favorite iPad Apps for Toddlers

It’s funny how my iPad has basically turned into a toddler toy or means of distraction during long car rides and dinners out. I’ve downloaded a lot of toddler or baby apps that have turned out to be duds and I’m always cautious about paying for an app because what if it’s just another boring app my daughter won’t use? After going through my iPad and deleting all the apps we don’t like, I ended up with five that Evelyn loves! 

Favorite Toddler iPad Apps - Little Fox Music Box

c/o BouncePlus Case

  1. Little Fox Music Box – This app costs $2.99 and is worth every penny. We’ve had this one since she was a baby and she is still entertained by it. It’s a sing-a-long interactive app. The graphics are adorable and when your little one touches elements of the picture they move or change into different things. 

Favorite Toddler iPad Apps - Metamorphabet

c/o Kids Tablet Sleeve

  1. Metamorphabet – This is another paid app for the cost of $3.99. You definitely get what you pay for. Sometimes you can find great free apps, but I recommend ditching one Starbucks latte to pay for this toddler app. It goes through the alphabet and each letter morphs into different pictures of words that start with the letter it’s highlighting at your little one’s touch . Evelyn loves playing with the pictures to see what they’ll change into. Such a great way to learn letters and new words.

Favorite Toddler iPad Apps - Egg Head

c/o Blocks Kids Case

  1. Egg Head: Baby Touch and Hear – You can try out a free version of this app, but I upgraded to the paid version after seeing how much Evelyn liked it. It features a series of “egg head” animals and upon baby’s touch they make animal noises and the name of the animal. The illustrations are quirky and cute. 

Favorite Toddler iPad Apps - Fischer Price Giggle Gang

  1. Fisher-Price Giggle Gang – This one is entertaining for young babies starting at around 6 months old because it’s very simple and fun. Plus, it’s free! It introduces the Giggle Gang, little characters who dance and giggle upon touch. There is even a fun piano to play with and make music. You can even record your own giggle and hear it back, which just cracked me and my husband up playing around with it. 

Favorite Toddler iPad Apps - Disney Junior Sofia the First

  1. Disney Junior – This is a free app that you can link your TV subscription of Disney Junior to to get episodes on your iPad. Otherwise, you can also purchase Disney Junior series in the iTunes store for when you don’t have access to wi-fi. We bought Sofia the First: Once a Upon a Disney Princess series in the TV shows section of the iTunes store. This has been awesome for long car rides or for a last ditch effort at entertainment while we are trying to finish up our meals at a restaurant. 

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Which other fun toddler apps should I try out? 

Disclosure: I received these kiddo iPad cases as samples to review, but all opinions are my own.

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