Baby Shower Basket Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas for my sister

My sister is pregnant with her first baby and she’s having a girl! This will be Evelyn’s first cousin. I selfishly wanted her to have a little girl so they could be best friends just like my sister and I are! Our mom recently threw her a baby shower and I had so much fun putting together a baby shower basket of gifts for her. I thought about all the things I would have wanted and put them together in one very cute basket. It’s pretty awesome to get to pass along some of the knowledge I’ve gained over my couple of years of being a mom.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas


  1. Body Pillow – I wish I would have bought one for myself when I was pregnant with Evelyn. I ended up using random pillows and stuffed animals to get comfortable, but a full body pillow like the Boppy pregnancy pillow would have been so helpful!
  2. Swaddle Blankets – You will go through so many swaddle blankets with a newborn. I love the Zen Swaddle made by Nested Bean. The chest is lightly weighted which is meant to extend the feeling of being held in your arms so that your baby feels comforted while lying alone, giving mommy a much needed break to do things like shower or even eat once in awhile! 
  3. Pajamas & Onsies – I received so many adorable outfits in newborn sizes, but all I wanted my baby in were onsies and soft cotton pajamas. We were mostly cuddling and nursing all day, so the cute outfits ended up in pictures and then taken right off! Save the cutsie outfits for an older baby.
  4. Diapers & Wipes – I’m a huge fan of the Honest Company. I have the bundle order so that a supply of wipes and diapers are delivered each month right to my door. The prints are so darn cute and everything is organic and safe for that new baby skin. 
  5. Lovey – You’ll want something soft and light for your baby to hold on to. This little flamingo from Target was just way too cute to pass up.
  6. Nursing Pads – I loved having a mixture of cotton reusable pads and disposable pads. If you end up nursing, you’ll go through A LOT of these!
  7. Sensory Balls – These cute Infantino balls with different textures are a great first toy for a baby. They’ll love holding on to them and putting them in their mouth. 
  8. Bows – I loved putting adorable bows on Evelyn’s bald baby head! Sweet Sparkle uses nylon for the band so that they fit and stretch without leaving a mark. I love her choices of fabric too!
  9. Books – Start reading to your kids even when they’re a baby. Your doctor will tell you this too! Mine did every time I visited. Evelyn loves books and it’s great to foster the love of reading early on. 
  10. Basket – I like using baskets instead of gift wrap or bags because the recipient can put them to good use! As a new mom, you’ll need plenty of baskets for toys, stuffed animals, laundry, blankets, etc. The Pillowfort line from Target is on point with their style!

There are so many great products for new moms. I actually had to take things out of my shopping cart because my gift basket was getting a little ridiculous! What are a few of your must have items for a new mom?

Disclosure: I received product from Nested Bean and Sweet Sparkle to review, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas For a New Mom



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  1. These are such great ideas! I think giving a body pillow is genius. I didn’t get one for myself bc I didn’t think I needed it. But boy, was I wrong!

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