Halloween Costume Ideas For Baby and Toddler

Halloween Costume Ideas for Baby and Toddlers | Looking for cute last minute Halloween Costume Ideas for kids? Check this out!

Halloween is just two weeks away! This post is for those of you who need last minute costume ideas for your baby or toddler. Evelyn is going to be a little black kitty this year and I’m going to attempt to make her tutu and tail myself, but we will see how that goes. I might have to dig into this list if things don’t work out! It’s always good to have a backup plan as a busy mom.

I saw too many cute Halloween costumes as I was shopping around, so I pulled my favorites together for all you last minute shoppers. Here you go! 

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  1. Plush Vest Collection – A turtle, a pumpkin, an elephant and more. I love these chubby little vests for babies. Halloween in Wisconsin is always cold, so these are great to put over warm layers. Evelyn was a penguin last year in this style. You can see her here
  2. Green Dragon – Loving the bright colors and cartoon-y look of this one.
  3. Good Witch – Some witch costumes can be a little intense for a kiddo, but this one is adorable and you could definitely reuse that dress as a normal October outfit. 
  4. T-Rex Dino – This one is just too cute with the soft colors and metallic accents. 
  5. Bumble Bee – Soft and sweet.This one is buzzzz-worthy! Ha, that’s my attempt at a joke. 
  6. Fancy Fairy – Add this one to your daughter’s dress-up collection and get lots of use out of it because it’s pricey, but ridiculously beautiful.
  7. Pink Cockatoo – And finally the pink cockatoo! You guys, this one is on sale for $29 down from $79! This is a Pottery Barn Kids steal. 

Do you already have your costumes figured out? If so, I’d love to hear what your kids are dressing up as this Halloween! 

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