SUGAR MAPLE book club | The Girl On the Train Review

The Girl On The Train Book Review | SUGAR MAPLE notes Book Club

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I recently finished The Girl on the Train book, just in time to go see the movie at the theater.  Who am I kidding? I probably won’t make it to the theater as that would entail getting a babysitter and staying awake late, but I’ll certainly look for it when it’s streaming on TV. Ha! #busymomproblems

The book starts out slow, yet still interesting as Rachel, the main character of the story, rides the train every day watching the same people in their homes. She makes up names for them and fantasizes about their lives since her own life is in shambles. As she goes through this routine, she starts to care for these people and looks forward to seeing them. But the day comes when she sees something she probably wasn’t supposed to see. She goes to the police with her story and gets tangled up in their investigation. Rather, she inserts herself into the investigation as she can’t help but feel like it’s giving her life purpose again. 

I love that the book goes back and forth between characters giving the reader a different perspective from each one. It keeps you guessing until the end who the suspect really is. I have to say I was wrong in my guess of who it was, but I wasn’t necessarily surprised either. I won’t give it away since I want you to read the book if you haven’t already because I’d definitely recommend it.

This book was easy to read and not too long. Perfect for a busy mom like myself. I was definitely entertained throughout and I have the movie on my to-watch list when it comes out of the theater. I’d love to see how Hollywood portrays it in visual entertainment since the book is mostly about what people are thinking and not what they are saying. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot darker than the book itself. 

Who has read the book or seen the movie?! I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether or not you’d recommend either!

For the next SUGAR MAPLE book club pick, I’m going to switch gears from a plot twisting thriller and go with something more inspirational and upbeat. I’ll be announcing it next week! I’ll give you a hint. It’s a true story about a popular couple who LOVES shiplap. Any guesses? 

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

2 thoughts on “SUGAR MAPLE book club | The Girl On the Train Review

  1. I read the book and saw the movie. Loved the book and enjoyed the movie. Naturally the movie is not as good as the book. So many details are left out and it’s hard to pick up on the background of each character. But it was still wonderful to read a book (first since baby was. Born last December) and to have a girls night (dinner, wine and a recliner seat at the theatre ❤️). You should really make an effort to get out and see the movie. It’s good for the soul to have some girl time. It lets Jeremy & Evie have an evening to themselves too!

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