Raising A Kind Girl

Raising A Kind Girl - Leading by example.

Don’t ever mistake kindness for weakness. It takes great strength to be a kind person. If I could teach my daughter just one thing it would be to be kind. Kindness drives so many other outstanding qualities in a person, empathy, compassion, humility, selflessness, happiness, to name a few. In this world of “mean girl” memes and themes, I strive to raise a kind girl. 

Raising a Kind Girl - Door County

I remember before she was even born having this conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about our future children and what qualities we would want them to have. Kindness has always been number one on my list. When I think back to my own adolescence, I remember the cliques that easily formed, the appeal of fitting in, and the feeling of being a bit self conscious at times. During such a vulnerable time in life, I hope my daughter can find it in her heart to be kind to everyone. The outsiders, the popular kids, the jocks, the nerds, the loners… everyone. 

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A memory that has always stuck with me, is of a girl on my high school basketball team who was shy, didn’t have the cool new athletic gear, and often times came to school with greasy hair and bad hygiene. The girls talked behind her back and giggled at her scent. I remember going home, looking through my bathroom cabinets, and putting together a package of shampoo, lip glosses and all the cucumber melon Bath & Body Works products I had on hand. (Come’on we all remember that scent!)

Raising a Kind Girl - Motherhood goals.

At our next practice, I put the care bundle in my locker. I didn’t want her to feel weird about it, so I remember saying something like, “Hey, I’m cleaning out my locker and I have all this extra stuff, do you want any of it?” She accepted, and I remember the next day in class how nice she looked with the simplest addition of fresh clean hair. I hope I made a tiny difference in her life, even for a moment. I want my daughter to feel the same happiness I felt in doing something nice for someone else. Showing kindness instead of avoidance, or even worse joining in on the teasing and gossiping. 

Raising a Kind Girl - Mothers lead by example.

I know that in order to instill the quality of kindness in my daughter, I need to lead by example. She watches me so closely and mimics my every move. I pray I have what it takes to raise a kind daughter. 

But First Be Kind

And I’ll leave you with this quote I jotted down from a sappy movie on the Hallmark Channel (guilty pleasure)…

Royal Friend: What kind of princess would you like?

Prince: I would want a princess who is kind, with a good heart, someone very clever and smart, someone who laughs, tells stories, somebody who tries to make life beautiful for others.

Royal Friend: And she has to be beautiful too.

Prince: Anyone matching that description is already quite beautiful.

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19 thoughts on “Raising A Kind Girl

  1. Kindness is such a great thing to teach our kids – boys or girls. I’m always amazed when my now-teen kids show kindness without prompting. I love that my daughter can be both kind, but strong. Great post!

  2. Great post!
    I’ve always considered true kindness to be the greatest, and rarest, of human traits. Not many people have it. I know I don’t.
    You do.

  3. I LOVE this! I have a shirt from Dixie Threads that reads “Raise Them Kind.” It’s one of my absolutely favorite shirts. I can definitely see the importance of this with girls, as you mentioned above and I strive for it with my son too! We’re having a girl in March and I think about this stuff often too. Thanks for sharing and CUTE shirts!

  4. LOVE!!!! I have three daughters and being kind is my #1 rule!! This world is too scary and we need a lot more moms loving their children and teaching them to love and be kind. Cucumber Melon!! Haha…you are so sweet and II thank God there are women like you in this world! This message is so important and I join you in sharing it!! <3

  5. I love this. I think it is so important to teach your children to just be nice and polite and kind. I always told my husband that I want my daughter to be the one that sticks up for people being bullied and not be the bully.

  6. This is such a sweet post! My oldest was recently named as an Ambassador for his school. He’s one of two in his Kindergarten class that’s responsible for showing new students around and making sure they’re included. That made my mama heart so so proud. It’s so important to teach our kids to be kind. It costs nothing to be nice to someone. You’re doing a great job, mama!

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