Indulge In Sweet Family Moments This Christmas

Indulge In Sweet Family Moments this Christmas Season with Kemps novelties and ice cream!

The holidays will pass by before we know it as we run around attending parties and potlucks, shop for gifts, and decorate our homes in pine cones and reindeer. This Christmas, I say we all vow to slow down and indulge in the sweetness of family and those small moments we create each day. Last night, on the eve of the feast day of St. Nicholas my family shared in one of those moments by enjoying the Christmas atmosphere we created in our home.

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After dinner, my husband started a fire in the hearth while I presented Evie with a new pair of Christmas pajamas to wear. After all, it was the night before St. Nick’s Day. It’s German tradition to put stockings out the night before the feast day of St. Nicholas and in the morning your stocking will be filled with little toys and treats, or a lump of coal if you’ve been naughty! I grew up with this tradition and have thus carried it on in my own household, since even before Evelyn was born and it was just my husband and I. 

Indulge In Sweet Family Moments this Christmas Season with Kemps novelties and eggnog!

We threw blankets and over-sized pillows near the Christmas tree, put Christmas pajamas and music on, and indulged in family time with dessert. I poured Jeremy and I glasses of Kemps Golden Eggnog and scooped bowls of Kemps Moosetracks Peppermint Bark ice cream for each of us to enjoy. Evelyn had her own bowl, licked it clean, and then helped me finish mine as well. She even managed to steal a scoop of my husband’s after I had cleaned her all up! 

Enjoying Kemps ice cream and eggnog by the fire in Christmas pajamas!

Enjoying Kemps ice cream and eggnog by the fire in Christmas pajamas!

Enjoying Kemps ice cream and eggnog by the fire in Christmas pajamas!

The thing to remember with any family moment is they can’t all be perfect, and those unplanned moments are what makes the memories stand out even more. As we were cleaning up our bowls, my husband got up to tend to the fire. He turned around and tripped over our tray of eggnog, knocking it all over our cozy blankets! He looked up at me, and I looked at him, there was a moment of panic, and then we busted out laughing! We were all laughing and cleaning up eggnog together. It was quite the spectacle! 

Evelyn enjoying the last scoops of Kemps Ice Cream

We finished our evening by trimming the tree and making sure our stockings were hung with the hopes that they would be filled with goodies the next day. I loved watching Evie gather a handful of ornaments she just couldn’t part with and had to take them up to bed with her. Two car ornaments from Jeremy’s childhood, a sleeping puppy from mine, and a wooden reindeer with a broken leg. Her very own collection of Christmas keepsakes.Last night, we created a family memory I’ll always cherish.

Trimming the Christmas Tree and indulging in sweet family moments.

I want to help your family indulge in sweet moments this Christmas season, so I’ve teamed up with Kemps to have a sweet treats giveaway so that you too can enjoy holiday novelties that only come around this time of year.

Kemps Holiday Novelties - Ice Cream and Eggnog
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Cozy Up with Kemps Holiday Favorites | Moosetracks Peppermint Bark Ice Cream and Golden Eggnog

12 thoughts on “Indulge In Sweet Family Moments This Christmas

  1. I’ve always wanted to celebrate St. Nick’s Day, but I’ve never managed to get it together enough to do it. Thanks for the little push to make it happen next year! Love the photos of your sweet girl!

  2. Oh I love the family traditions to carry down each year! One of our favorites is our family does a cookie bake the sunday before Christmas every year! We all go to my sisters and everyone brings stuff to make 2 different cookies. We bake all afternoon and plan fun activities for the kids. We have so much fun…and go home with a cake pan full of Christmas cookies! I would love to try their Chocolate Egg Nog Pudding recipe! That sounds good!

  3. Love, love, love your posts. The photos of you and your daughter are priceless and the ice cream and egg nog look so good. Nothing like being with family for the holidays.

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