Pregnancy | The First Trimester

Pregnancy Annoucement - The First Trimester

I’m officially 13 weeks pregnant which means I made it to my second trimester! I can already feel a difference as my energy is much higher these days. For awhile there, I thought I wasn’t going to make it with all that exhaustion! I still get tired if I try to fit in too much, but it’s not that intense tiredness I experienced during most of my first trimester. Oy! Here is a recap about my experiences in the first trimester of pregnancy. 


Exhaustion | Like I said above, I experienced this intense tiredness. For a couple of weeks, I even woke up tired and couldn’t shake the feeling the entire day. All I thought about was hitting my pillow and going to bed again. Most days, I was okay for the first part of the day, but then at around 3-4pm I would start to crash. It took everything I had just to prepare dinner with my husband and get our toddler off to bed after putting in a full work day. During my first pregnancy, I boycotted all caffeine during the first trimester, but this pregnancy I took full advantage of that 200 mg a day as even that barely helped, but seemed to be my saving grace even still. 

Morning Sickness | With Evelyn, I didn’t experience any morning sickness, but with this pregnancy, I definitely did. I never threw up, but the best way I can describe it is that I felt like I was hungover – slight nausea, headache, achy, sensitive, tired. Some mornings I had to just sit and eat a few saltines and water before I got going. 

Baby Bump | With this being my second pregnancy, I felt like my stomach popped out a little bit faster this time around. Not that anyone could tell but me, but I couldn’t stand any pressure on my stomach from pants, so I quickly switched from rubber-banding my jeans, to boycotting them for leggings all together. I even busted out my maternity jeans in Week 11, so I’m officially in maternity pants and leggings all day every day. During my pregnancy with Evelyn I didn’t make the switch until my second trimester. 

Pregnancy - The First Trimester - Pregnancy Annoucement


The Announcement | We told our immediate family and friends pretty much right away, but waited until around Week 11 before we announced it on social media. I wanted to wait until after our first ultrasound, so we could see that sweet little babe and the heartbeat. We told Evelyn as well and have been reading her a book about being a big sister. I don’t think she quite understands what’s happening, but she does come up to me and say “mama has baby in her tummy”, which is adorable! She goes back and forth when we ask her if she thinks it’s a brother or a sister, but mostly says sister!

Maternity Leave | I told my work that I was pregnant during Week 10 so that they could start planning for my maternity leave as I’m planning on taking the full 12 weeks off. I remember with Evelyn, even that didn’t feel like enough time. It goes so quickly!

Names | We resurrected our list of names, but don’t have any top choices yet. We are planning on finding out the baby’s gender during our 20 Week ultrasound, so I think we will put more thought into it once we know if we’re expecting a boy or girl! I’ll also begin my nursery and baby gear planning after that.

Even though I experienced sickness and tiredness during my first trimester it seemed to buzz by, especially with it being during the holidays. I’m happy to be in my second trimester when our baby is more developed and my energy is coming back! It’s also fun now that everyone knows I’m pregnant and our news is out in the open! Here’s to a happy and healthy second trimester! 🙂 


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