At Home Teeth Whitening for Busy Parents

Smile Brilliant Review - A dad's review + giveaway!

Smile Brilliant Review - A dad's review + giveaway!

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me on this post! All opinions are my own.

As avid coffee lovers, my husband Jeremy and I are meticulous about our teeth care routines. We have so much to smile about lately, and we want our smiles to match. Between watching our little girl grow, and finding out we are having a baby boy this summer, we are on cloud nine! We’ve been using whitening toothpaste and other store-bought products, that are okay, but not giving us the long-lasting results we want. So, we decided to try Smile Brilliant, an at-home teeth whitening system with professional results. 

Smile Brilliant Review - A dad's review + giveaway!

Smile Brilliant Review - A dad's review + giveaway!

As busy working parents, we love the convenience that Smile Brilliant offers. We ordered our kits, which included everything we needed to make our mold imprints at home. It took just a few minutes to make the imprints. We laid them out to dry before dropping them in the included envelopes and shipping them back to the lab. The entire process took just about a week and half to get our molds back, and we didn’t even have to take any time out of our busy schedules to visit a dentist’s office. 

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During the process, I found out that I was expecting our baby, so I decided not to complete the routine. Whitening teeth while pregnant is not a largely-studied subject, so I am playing it safe and waiting until after our baby boy arrives to get that bright white smile. I will say, that even though I stopped the process, my dentist noticed a difference at my next cleaning and asked me for the Smile Brilliant website, so he could look into it as a product to recommend to his patients! I was shocked!

Jeremy loves his results! I noticed a big difference in his smile just after a few applications. I mean, his smile melted me before, and now it’s even more distracting! Soooo kissable, and Evelyn agrees! 

Smile Brilliant Review - A dad's review + giveaway!

GIVEAWAY | {CLOSED – Congrats Bridget!} I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give you guys the chance to win a kit for yourself! All you have to do is enter here. The winner will receive a personalized coupon for $139 – the value of a T3 Sensitive kit! Add a bright white smile to your spring cleaning list and go enter now{A contest winner will be notified in 2 weeks from today. You must reside in the US, Canada, or Australia to be eligible to win.}

COUPON CODE | Use coupon code sugarmaplenotes5 for 5% off your Smile Brilliant order.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links.

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