Pregnancy | The Second Trimester

Pregnancy - The Second Trimester - Wearing Pink Blush Maternity Dress - Shop Pink Blush Maternity


I’m actually a few weeks into my third trimester already and I can’t believe how time is flying by! So fast that I wasn’t able to post about my second trimester until now. šŸ™‚  The second trimester was SO much better than the first! I forgot how incredibly exhausting the first trimester can be! Your body is basically growing a human at super-speed and it sucks the life out of you! 


Exhaustion | Like I said above, my tiredness level wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in my first trimester. I mostly felt like my normal non-pregnant self besides slowing down a lot earlier in the evening. 

Appetite | My appetite has remained pretty normal as well, but I do have strong cravings for sugar. I could eat dessert every evening! My cravings include ice cream, Fruity Pebbles cereal, and cake with extra frosting. I can’t stand onions, but other than that, sometimes nothing just sounds good to eat rather than particular food aversions.

Baby Bump | My bump feels so much bigger than it did with Evelyn. I’ve had to buy a size up in maternity pants for my third trimester. With Evie, I got away with wearing the same maternity jeans the entire pregnancy. I’ve been pretty good with rubbing Bio-Oil and lotion over my growing body every day, so I’ve been lucky with no stretch marks even though I feel bigger this time around. (Thanks mom for those good genetics!)

Movement | Being my second baby, I was able to recognize kicks and movement a lot earlier since I knew what to expect. But, for whatever reason, every time I call Evie or my husband over to feel him, he stops and won’t start up again! 

Pregnancy - The Second Trimester - Wearing Pink Blush Maternity Dress - Dress the bump!

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The Nursery | I’ve been planning how I want his nursery to look since I found out we were having a boy, but I have yet to put anything together. Our guest room is turning into the nursery, so I want to wait until June to start setting it up. I’m getting anxious to get organized as my nesting instincts seem to be kicking in lately. The closet is filling up with potential decor and baby items and I can’t wait until his furniture comes in so I can start designing his room. I’m going with a modern black, white, and neutral nursery, with no particular theme. It will be a room he can grow into no matter what his interests are. 

Big Sister | Evelyn has been such a cutie about my growing bump. We talk about her baby brother all the time and sometimes she even tells me that she has a baby sister in her belly, as she pushes it out to look like mine. LOL! The other day she accidentally pushed on my stomach, and she turned around, patted my belly and said, “sorry baby brother!” {HEART MELTING} We pray for him every night at bedtime, and when I shop for him I make sure to ask her if she thinks her baby brother will like what we are choosing for him. I think keeping her involved will go a long way when the baby comes! She has been asking me when he will come out, and I’ve been telling her sometime after her birthday (which is in late June). 

Names | We have about three names that we like so far, but have not officially named him yet. There is one name that stands out above the rest, but I’m going to keep that secret for now! 

As I said before, I’m already a few weeks into my third trimester. I want to get the nursery setup, my baby essentials shopping complete, and my hospital bag packed and ready to go very soon! I’m also trying to wrap up projects at work and put together a plan for my team while I’m out on leave.  

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