Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms

Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms - Get Packing!

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I’m all packed up for the hospital, so I’m sharing my hospital bag checklist with all you pregnant moms out there! I also posted a printable checklist near the bottom of the post if you want to keep that handy while you pack. I have it printed out and tucked into my diaper bag’s front pocket so that I can check the “pack before you leave” list before we go. Or so my husband can do it for me if I’m just not able to! Who knows where my head will be at in that moment?!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms - Jac&Jae Designs Outfit

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms - I'm New Here onsie

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms - Jac&Jae Designs Blanket lined with poms

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms - GoumiKids Mitts

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Moms

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  • Robe – It’s nice to slip on a robe, especially when visitors pop in.
  • Nightgown – You can opt to wear this during labor, otherwise it’s just something easy to slip into afterwards.
  • Slippers/Socks – Your tootsies can get cold in the hospital and who wants to walk around barefoot? 
  • Nursing Bras/Pads/Nipple Ointment – You’ll need breast pads even if you’re not planning on breastfeeding for when that milks comes in! 
  • Comfy Undies – The hospital will provide you with stretchy disposable undies, so you might not use these, but you’ll need them later.
  • Loose/stretchy Pants and T-shirts – I packed two pair of my comfiest yoga cropped leggings and loose t-shirts to wear in the hospital or just to go home in. 
  • Boppy Pillow – My favorite pillow for nursing. It’s also nice to use in the hospital bed to cradle the baby next to you. 
  • Toiletries (extra items you have) – I went out and bought a few travel sized items so that I’d have them in my bag. I also treated myself to aromatherapy shower gel and a little travel loofah for that first shower afterwards! Make sure you have hair ties and chapstick too!
  • Gifts for Siblings – Evie picked out a gift for her baby brother. She even wrapped it. I also wrapped a gift that the baby will give to her, so he’s not the only one getting special attention. It will be a sweet bonding moment for the two of them. 
  • Going Home Outfit – Leggings, t-shirt… what else?!


  • Baby Book for Footprints – I have a baby book for this boy, for Evie I brought special paper and framed it later on. 
  • Installed Car Seat – If this isn’t your first baby, make sure you clean your car seat too!
  • Swaddle Blanket – The hospital will give you one, but a special blanket for all those pictures is nice to have on hand. I had mine made by Jack&Jae Designs. Those little poms! 
  • Onsies/Hat/Mitts – I packed a few onsies, a little hat, and mittens for his hands. Use my goumikids link to get 10% off your order!
  • Burp Rag – You’ll want a few essentials in your diaper bag even if you don’t use them until you’re on your way home.
  • Diaper Bag – I don’t have a lot of extra stuff packed in here besides what is on this list, and a few diapers and wipes. The hospital will provide you with diapers too, but it’s nice to have your diaper bag ready to go. Who else LOVES this Fawn Design bag?! 
  • Going Home Outfit – I always opt for comfort. A hat, onsie, and the cutest little pants made by Jac&Jae Designs


  • Camera – I want to bring my DLSR for a few nice “first family pictures”.
  • Glasses – If you wear them like I do. 
  • Toiletries (items you use everyday) – I like to have my makeup bag with me 🙂 
  • Phone w/ Charger
  • Snacks – You never know. At least your husband will appreciate it if you’re there a long time. I was in the hospital for 5 days after my c-section with Evie, so we needed snacks! 
  • Wallet: License, Insurance Card, Cash

Hope this helps all you pregnant mamas! Make sure you check out my nursery reveal post here.

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  1. This is great! I love that you have a gift for your other child as well from the baby. It will make it such a memorable day for the whole family. Sending positive vibes your way!

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