I Have Big Family News To Share

I’ve been holding onto some really big news that I finally feel is the right time to share. When we found out I was pregnant with Levi, we started thinking about all the adjustments and lifestyle changes that a new baby brings about. Having a baby forces you to make plans for the future. It opens you up to reevaluating your life at present and start making choices about where you see it going.

For us, we discussed our home that we’ve owned for the last four years. When we bought it we thought of it as a 5 year home as it isn’t in the most desirable school district. We discussed childcare and got the baby on the list at Evelyn’s daycare center right away since room is scarce in our area. We discussed jobs and how we would manage the kids during the work week. We discussed finances, as the cost of daycare for two kids is more than what some people earn in a year.

We took all of it into consideration as we prepared for our little Levi’s arrival. A few weeks after he was born, we ended up putting our house on the market and it sold that week! So, what does that mean for our family? Where are we going to live? Well, that leads us to the big news!

We decided to put roots down in our hometown near grandparents and family members. So, we are moving back and I am going to stay home with our little ones while they are young!

It gets better… we are moving in with my parents while we build a new home!

YOU GUYS!!! To sum it all up, I had a baby, sold our home, quit my job, and now we’re moving and building a new home (read more about that here)… O, and my baby is only eight weeks old! To say it’s been a whirlwind is a huge understatement…whew!

BUT, it’s all going to be worth it because we are so excited to raise our kids near family and I’m looking forward to beginning a new adventure of raising babies and blogging at home.

I’m feeling sad and a little scared to leave the comfort of our lives in Madison, yet at peace with the decisions we’ve made and prayed so hard about. A lot of moving pieces had to come together for this to happen, and they’ve all come together beautifully, which makes me believe that this is the path our family is supposed to follow.

Wish us luck on our journey and get ready for more home posts as we dive into the building process!

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15 thoughts on “I Have Big Family News To Share

  1. Congrats you’ve earned all the success that has come your way. Wish you all the best with the move school time when it comes and building a new home 🏡

  2. Oh my goodness! I got ready-eyed reading this! I’m juggling a full time job, longish commute and three kids, and it’s hard! CONGRATS to you on this change. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!

  3. As you know I lived almost the exact same life…the time my boys got with grandma and grandpa was invaluable. Enjoy all the extra snuggles and time with your kiddos ❤️

  4. Congrats to you Sarah! It’s so exciting…. all of it! I really feel like you never regret staying home with your children.. You only get such a short time where they are so dependent on you! Make sure to post lots of pictures of the house being built!! Those are so fun to see the progress!

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