Levi’s Baptism Day

Levi's Baptism Blue Eyed Boy

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Our little Levi James was baptized this past weekend. We kept it small since we just moved in with my parents while we build our new home, and have been living a whirlwind of life changes since he was born.

He wore his daddy’s baptismal outfit with a new pair of moccs and my favorite white blanket. I gifted him the sweetest praying boy cross, like the one I had as a little girl. The day was hot for September, but the church felt cool inside. It was so sweet to see all three of the babies there that day in their white attire celebrating the sacrament of baptism. Surrounded by family, Levi didn’t even cry when the priest poured the Holy water over his head. I breathed in the beautiful aroma of Chrism oil that they anointed him with. The scent lasted for several days, reminding me of his special moment each time I kissed his forehead. 

Jeremy smoked a brisket and we had a big comfort meal of corn on the cob, fresh bread, baked beans, and raspberry pretzel dessert. We capped off the meal with cake and ice cream. Half of the group had a big backyard bonfire while the other half of us snuggled in for an old movie while the kids slept.

It was a beautiful day of blessings and family. These are the moments I cherish the most. 

Levi's Baptism Holy Water at Holy Family Catholic Church

Levi's Baptism Godparents Jesse and Cydney

Levi's Baptism Family Photo

Levi's Baptism Outfit and Freshly Picked Moccasins

Levi's Baptism Mama's Boy

Levi's Baptism Family Photo Kissing Our Babies

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