Footprint Valentine’s Day Craft

Footprint Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday! Now that I’m a mom, it’s no longer just about fancy dinners, flowers and romantic gifts. Don’t get me wrong, those things are wonderful, but it’s also a great holiday to include the kiddos in on. The day is a nice reminder to show loved ones that you care for them. Just a simple Valentine’s Day card or a text with rose and heart emoji’s work just fine, but if you’re looking to make a craft, try making a Footprint Valentine. We had so much fun making these last weekend! 

Valentine Craft Supplies

Evie and I visited the craft store and picked up white foam boards, paint, hearts and markers to make our Valentine’s. 

Making Valentine's Day crafts with a toddler.

We bought the large bag of heart stickers so that Evie could stick as many as she wanted on the sliding glass door in our kitchen. She loves peeling stickers on and off of EVERYTHING. These foam stickers are great because she can easily do that. And mom can easily peel them off later and throw them away when she’s not looking!

Daddy helping make a valentine

My husband helped by dipping her feet in the paint while I held down the foam board and pressed her feet into the shape of a “V” to form the word “LOVE”.

Footprint Valentine's Day cards for all our loved ones.

We made more than one so that we could give them to several family members and also keep one for ourselves. A few of the footprints ended up pretty smudgy, but they are all so sweet regardless. My tip for you is to use very little paint for the little ones to step into. Less paint = less chance for it to be goopey on the foam board. Although, I think the feeling of the paint on her toes was Evie’s favorite part of the entire project!

Toddler girl making a footprint Valentine's Day craft.

I loved this craft because I could get Evie involved in making it and it serves as a fun keepsake by showcasing her sweet little footprints. They won’t be that adorably small for long! 

What are your plans for getting kids involved with Valentine’s day? 

Read about our trip to the craft store here.

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