Timeline to Motherhood


2009 | A tall and handsome guy named Jeremy took me out for dinner and a movie and I knew I would soon be his girlfriend.


2011 | We went hiking through Parfrey’s Glen and in that moment when we reached the bottom of a beautiful lush ravine, I become his fiancé.


2012 | On an extra hot July summer day, I married my best friend and became his wife.

2013 | We purchased our first home in good timing, as we just discovered that we were expecting a baby and would soon be parents.

2014 | After an unexpected c-section and three weeks before her due date, I delivered Evelyn Louise and became her mother.

2015 | One year in and it’s hard to remember life without her. It’s curious how over the years you add additional roles to your resume of life – girlfriend, fiancé, wife, parent, mother – each one shaping who you are. As I said on my About page – I’m a mother, a wife, a planner and creator. And as I take on this new role as blogger, I’ll share my journey and all the little things I learn along the way.


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