The Coolest New Baby Products

The Coolest New Baby Products - Check them out!

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There are so many amazing baby products that I didn’t know existed when Evie was a baby. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest new baby items that we’ve been using with baby number TWO. 

  1. DOCKATOT | The DockATot is so cool! It offers a safe, cute, and comfy spot for resting, sleeping, tummy time, diaper changes, or playtime with the new toy arch. It’s easy to transport and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  2. MILESTONE ACTIVITY CARDS | These adorable photo cards showcase milestones within your photos and are also cute keepsakes. There is a spot at the bottom of each card to add the date that the milestone happened and they come in a sweet little box. 
  3. FINN AND EMMA | I’m loving all the 100% organic clothing options for babies these days. Finn & Emma have modern prints that are just adorable. 
  4. SHOP BINXY | When I had Evie, I would put her car seat in the shopping cart and it would take up the entire thing! This sweet little cart hammock hangs over the cart, so that you still have room underneath for all your shopping items. Go check out all their cute prints! 
  5. THE OLLIE WORLD | Levi has been sleeping in this swaddle every night so far! It keeps him all tucked in without me having to master the blanket swaddle. I just use the velcro to secure him in for the night, and there is a little tie for the bottom that I can easily undo for diaper changes. 
  6. GOUMIKIDS | Check out their little booties and mitts! They have a velcro strap to help keep them in place. Levi loves to kick off his regular socks. Use my goumikids link to get 10% off your order!
  7. THE BABY ABODE | I’m loving this multi-functional cover. It’s a nursing cover, car seat cover, infinity scarf and shopping cart cover all in one. When I had Evie, I just had a front cape that strapped around my neck. I always felt exposed on the sides. With this cover, it wraps all the way around me, so there’s no chance of exposure, which makes me more comfortable. 
  8. SLUMBERKINS | There are so many cool products made by mamas these days. I love these sweet little Slumberkins animals. Inspired by a traditional lovey, two moms drew up the original patterns of the magical creatures while on maternity leave and started Slumberkins. I chose the fox for Levi.
  9. ROCK N’ PLAY | The Rock n’ Play sleeper isn’t new, but it’s new to me! I heard so many good things about these after having my first, that it was on my list of things to own with my second. We use it in our bedroom and it’s awesome. I LOVE the modern black and white design by Jonathan Adler. Make sure to check out my Shopping List for Baby Number TWO here (it includes this Rock n’ Play). 
  10. LORENA CANALS | How cool is it that these rugs can be washed in your washing machine!? Perfect for nurseries and play spaces with kids. You can see my Nursery Reveal here to see how it looks in Levi’s room. 
  11. FISHER-PRICE | The toys that are out are just so flippin’ cute! Starbucks has definitely taken over #momlife and  it’s hard to come across an Instagram feed that doesn’t feature a few shots of their signature cup. This coffee cup teether is clearly inspired by the craze. I had to have it when I saw it! 
  12. BRILLI BABY | These cool cup catchers are going to be so useful when Levi starts to use a bottle or cup. No more cleaning nipples or sippies after a drop to the dirty ground. 
  13. HAPPY WAX MELTS | These soy Happy Wax Melts are all natural and hand poured in North Carolina. Scents like Baby Powder come in both pink or blue, making them the perfect cool and unique gift for a new mama. 

There are so many more cool new products on the market. These are just a few that we are loving this time around! Which baby products are you loving these days? 

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